Sarah writes her Facebook status updates in Dutch. I don't speak Dutch so I rely on Google Translate to keep me abreast of the goings on in her world.

Unfortunately it seems that Google smokes a little wacky baccy each time it's forced to translate Dutch (it's a cultural thing I'm sure) leaving me to wonder WTF Sarah is doing and wondering why my life isn't full of twinkle pots.

13 Feb

hooks in the bed can have serious consequences ...

Tell JW to stop fishing in bed then!

10 Feb

All day party in my tummy!

and we weren't invited :(

09 Feb

has all her enthusiasm scraped ... and her hair is finally paints.

Well congratulations on scraping your enthusiasm and painting your hair!

05 Feb

Brussels sprouts and carrot stew.

No words can describe how appetizing that sounds.

04 Feb

think that someone drowned in the bath.

No it's just the penguins.

04 Feb

going to work again on Saturday, that's a long time ago. But it must be here, or I no longer planned.

Time travel or just flashbacks?

03 Feb

At this point JW updates his status with a picture of a boat that looks a bit like this


His response to the awesomeness that is twinkle pots is a boat! Just a boat, no sharks, no pirates, no ninja's, not even a laser beam. JW, I hate to tell you this, but your status updates suck. Next time try something like this:

I think you might find life is a lot more interesting if you do status updates like this!!!

01 Feb

and the land that twinkle from the pot fished just keeps lying.

I just want a twinkle pot! Please can I have one, please?

31 Jan

Twinkle is exactly in love with me, or would it lie to the cheese?

Damn that lying twinkle, poor old cheese! (really WTF??)

31 Jan

goes even snow removal

and so it does.